Future Mouse was born Ramiro Lopez Jr. in Garden Grove, California. Arriving in the year 1982, he was raised in a typical Mexican household in Southern california in the 80’s. Family parties and bbq’s were kept grooving to the wee hours of the morning with eclectic mixed jams from the likes of Los Bukis to Led Zeplin to Bobby Brown to Black flag. The mixture of musical influences while he was growing up was what fueled his passion for weird sounds and unusual compositions. As a teenager he played in punk bands, but when it came time to grow up, he found that he couldn’t keep up with his friends times and schedules. That is when Future Mouse was born. Musically self-taught and inspired by good vibes, Future Mouse makes music that he describes as, “Sounds cool to me.”




YESWAVE.TV Presents .:. Moods: Volume 1
Die Zushauer
Functional Frens
MOUSE TRIPP : Getting Lost
Neu Crush
The Dumps

YESWAVE.TV.:.At the CROSBY-30.november.2010

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